Sky Marketing was founded in Toronto Canada, as a specialist marketing and public relations firm specializing in creating a channel of communication, visibility and credibility that fuels revenue growth for professional services firms in law, M&A, finance and real estate.

Delivering Tangible Results

We utilize our wealth of knowledge, expertise and global reach to generate leads and transform them into new business by:
  • Providing a comprehensive marketing solution. We are a one-stop resource for all of our clients’ marketing requirements.
  • Maintaining a deep understanding of our clients’ industries. We keep abreast of our client’s industry developments in order to effectively work with our clients and achieve their marketing goals.
  • Developing “expert” positioning. We boost our clients’ visibility and credibility which in turn increases their standing as an authoritative resource.
  • Knowing the marketing business. Since 2004, we’ve incorporated turnkey results-driven marketing solutions for our global client base, which allows them to concentrate on their core business offering.
  • Not taking “NO” for an answer. We are tenacious, detail-oriented, responsive, creative and enthusiastic. In short - we achieve results!
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